Fri Oct 27 09:15:02 EDT 2006

I'm thinking about being president

Well, running for president, at least. Or maybe just creating a website about it.

Here's the idea: I create a website, perhaps, and put on the main page a list of topics and policies that I think really need to be addressed. These would include the war in Iraq, foreign policy in general, our dependency on oil, environmental policy, taxation and the overwhelming cost of the federal government, and so on.

I would write about my thoughts on each of these topics, and develop a platform and a plan for how I would address each topic as president. Then, I would invite the public to join in the discussion, using a combination of blogging and wiki-based collaborative writing, to refine the policies into something that makes sense for as many people as possible. That's the platform that I would run on, with the promise that I would do my best to implement the policies as written.

I think this would be very inclusive, and would give the public a real voice and role in the governing of our country... something we've lacked for far too long.

Actually getting elected might be a problem; I've got no money to run a traditional presidential campaign, and I'm opposed to the kind of fund-raising that would allow me to collect that kind of money. I would have to run a word-of-mouth viral marketing sort of campaign, trying to get as much publicity for the website as I can, and from there maybe getting invited onto TV shows like The Daily Show, David Letterman, and eventually maybe even a real news program or even a presidential debate. (Yeah, right.)

Getting on the ballots nationwide would be too much work, and probably useless anyway since so many counties have switched to the completely untrustworthy electronic voting machines. (See How to steal an election by hacking the vote"). Maybe someone would use the machines to steal the vote and put me into office; I think I'd be popular with the hacker set. What I'd prefer, though, is for everyone to write my name in. Even with the electronic voting machines, I'm pretty certain that every district is required to accomodate write-in candidates, and those ballots must be counted manually. This is the only way to defeat the use of electronic voting machines, as far as I can tell.

So a big portion of the website would include directions on how to write-in my name as a candidate for president. I'd like to allow visitors to the site to be able to enter their home address, and get a page that describes the kind of voting machines that will be used in their district, along with printable instructions on how to write me in. If necessary, those instructions should also carry any information that would be needed to convince the people running the election to allow the write in and handle it properly, so that the write-in votes are not lost.

Maybe I still couldn't get enough votes to win this way, but at least the write-in votes would have to be counted and reported, which might reveal statistical anomalies in the electronically-cast votes that prove they were manipulated and the election was stolen.


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