Thu Nov 13 01:04:29 EST 2008

I'm not president

Ok, so I didn't run for president, and, obviously, I didn't become president. I'm very happy that Barak Obama won, and I'm proud of my country for electing him.

I do want to point something out though: my idea, just over two years ago, was to have an open community website where I'd post all of my policies and platform positions, and work with the community of my followers to improve those policies and form a platform for all Americans. Starting about two years ago, Barak Obama did pretty much exactly what I described. He's also gone and created, which is the same sort of thing, but focused on the actual presidency rather than the campaign. I guess I was on the right track. Oh well. He's a much better speaker than I am, at least.

Actually, my only real beef with Obama is his wishy-washy stance on nuclear energy. I don't see the point of investing all of our money into researching alternative fuel technologies like solar and wind, which are unlikely to produce really useful amounts of energy for decades at best, when we already have nuclear power plant designs that can produce all of the power we need while producing much less waste and less dangerous waste than our current plants, and we could build these reactors in as little as 4-5 years for a cost that is trivial in comparison to the bank bailout. Take a look at for more details.


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